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Hello, I would like you (my direct supporters and fans) to be involved in my journey as an artist. As a freelancer, I've played trumpet and sang for many artists across many genres. I've been songwriting in private for many years, mainly as a therapy tool, but I wanted to FINALLY release some music for y'all. Living in Los Angeles is no easy game, but for the experience and community I am around it really is a wonderful place for creating art and finding like-minded creatives.


My main hope for this subscription program is for you, the listener to feel your own version of the therapeutic healing I experienced through writing these songs, whether you are experiencing joy, pain, sorrow or apathy. In this day and age being honest and upfront about life is harder than ever with social media and the pressure to always be seen as busy or working. We all need time to discover, imagine, work on ourselves and contribute to our friends and communities.


I will be sharing early mixes of songs, videos, poems, the personal stories behind the music, voice memos and a weekly (maybe daily) blog of my crazy life as a musician in LA. I will also be offering education-based incentives on all levels such as music theory, history, jazz improvisation, composition, music business (the new one) and really whatever fans would like to dig in on!